Hi all

I wanted to post a note about tonight’s chaingang as regards the conditions. I think that in light of the high winds and gusty nature of said (30+mph) that it would be sensible for those with little or no experience to sit this one out. This is purely for safety given the close-quarters nature of paceline riding. 

In addition I think it would also be sensible for those with the option, to remove deep-section wheels and ride on standard rims. Again, for safety. It’s not my intention to put people off, but common sense must prevail and rider safety has to be number one!

Ride brief as usual at the shop around 18:20. Leaving at 18:30 to begin on the drift at 18:45 in the usual spot. (700cc logo)


Remember, no brief – no ride!

Please help us out by letting us know if you are coming, by replying to this post.

Thanks all.


4 thoughts on “Chaingang

  1. Sensible advice thanks and you might want to make a late call as to whether it is even on at all on safety grounds. Met Office forecasts wind speed at 21mph with gusts of 37mph at 19:00. It will be a nearside, frontal cross in the most exposed section on the Drift Rd requiring bike leaning like anyone cycling Eton Wick even in moderate crosswinds will know. Combined with soaking wet roads from the heavy afternoon rain and close formation cycling conditions will be challenging!

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    • That was certainly on the cards – judging by the overwhelming response (!) I’d say that most people have made the call already. I’ll post at 5pm with a definitive call depending on numbers and obviously conditions.


      • Cheers Dave, good call all things considered. Shame to miss as this CG is a top session you’ve constructed and I’ve even had some TV/BTS guys asking about how to join.


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