700cc Official Kit Design

Hi all

The design team (me) have been busy turning random, swirling ideas into a funky kit reality.

The new 700cc team kit will be produced by market leaders Castelli and will be available in around 6-8 weeks – depending on how Italy feel!

There are 2 designs here simply because it is likely that some will want black kit for Winter, with that said, these are just designs and some pieces will not be available immediately unless specifically requested before Tuesday and provided ordering minimums are met.

Important to note is that the WHITE kit is the one registered with British Cycling and is the official 700cc colour. If you wish to race you must race in the white!

Of course, Train in black, Race in White still holds – so maybe you want both?!

I will be placing an order on Tuesday, predominantly for the White kit for summer. There will be a handful of gilets, warmers, booties etc. If you have any specific requests for items of kit please do let me know on dave@7hundred.co.uk

700cc Kit Order Form

Pricing is likely to be close to that of our previous offerings though some items will likely see an increase as we are using the higher quality Castelli kit.

Anyway, take a look – 700cc is going to look FRESH!

700cc Club Kit

NOTE: The thermal skull cap will sport the same pattern as the overshoes around the brim.