Ride Routes

The ‘Hall of Fame’ our most regularly ridden and favoured routes:

The Compass routes

North – Routes · Ride with GPS

East – Routes · Ride with GPS to Richmond park and around

South – Routes · Ride with GPS

West – Routes · Ride with GPS (always used for the intro ride)

Old classics well used and loved by many…

1. Not taking the Pishill (28 miles)

2. Towing the Lyne (30 miles)

3. Phone a friend? (29 miles)

4. Sectioned (29 miles)

5. Mill Pond (28 miles)

6. All In (30 miles)

7. Taking the Pishill (49 miles)

8. In the Lyne of Fire (47 miles)

9. Benson & Hedges (60 miles)

10. Stoke the Flames (45 miles)

11. Sonning Mill Twist (60 miles)

12. Double or Quits (47 miles)

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