700cc Women’s Invitational Ride – Sunday 29 May

As avid supporters of all that is women’s cycling, we would like to encourage any women thinking of joining a group of like minded female cyclists, to ride with us!
700cc has a 25% female membership, it’s time we evened it up a little! 😉

Please come and try a ride out with us, you can ride out with us twice before we will ask you to be a paid up member.

This is a road bike ride, no TT bikes or Tri bars please.

The ride will be super social. There will be two groups riding out; 30 miles at 12-14 mph and 40 miles at 15-17 mph, with a pub finish!

We will meet at 700HQ at 08.50.  If you would like to join us, please leave a message here.

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