700cc Women’s Invitational Ride – Easter Sunday 27 March

As avid supporters of all that is women’s cycling, we would like to encourage any women thinking of joining a group of like minded female cyclists, to ride with us!
700cc has a 25% female membership, it’s time we evened it up a little! 😉

Please come and try a ride out with us, you can ride out with us twice before we will ask you to be a paid up member.

This is a road bike ride, no TT bikes or Tri bars please.

The ride will be super social, but we only have one ride leader this time, so there will only be one group riding out. We will ride for 35-40 miles at c.14/15mph as an average over the course.

As it’s Easter, there should be coffee & chocolate afterwards, right?!

If you would like to join us, please leave a message here or in the Facebook event.

Please note the clocks go forward on Sunday 27 March!

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