Ride: Sunday 14 February

A 64 mile Valentine’s Day ride; a steady pace with a few efforts thrown in. We will ride as a group and ensure no-one gets left behind, but you must be able to maintain 16-18mph over the entire route.  0900hrs sharp depart from 700HQ, experienced club members only please.

enjoy the ride


4 thoughts on “Ride: Sunday 14 February

  1. You should stock up on hardcore cleaning products!

    I suggest that the route is checked along side an Ordnance Survey map, of which 1:50k (Landranger/pink maps) views are available for free here … http://www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php

    Otherwise a cheap £18/year account on the OS Maps site gets !:50k and 1:25k access to the both desktop website and mobile app.


  2. If nothing else, switching to Garmin Connect’s satellite view is a useful way to check that roads/tracks have a suitable surface! If the view is obscured then I’d err on the side of caution and route via a different road.


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