Curious about the value of power to develop your cycling ability?


Apart from a die-hard few, most cyclists appreciate and indeed benefit from the occasional ‘gadget’ or tool : Heart Rate Monitors, Computers, GPS etc

One piece of modern cycling paraphernalia stands head and shoulders above the rest however – the Power meter; possibly the best investment you can make in order to reach your potential as a cyclist and maximise your training – particularly if you are time limited.

It is widely accepted that Power is the ultimate metric on which to base and measure your training and it will take your training to a new level, allow you to finely tune your training programme, quantitatively track your fitness improvements, define your weaknesses and focus your training to specifically target the weak areas. 

To see how Power can improve your riding come and join us for an informal Power Evening, try out the latest technology and speak to British cycling coaches and industry representatives from Garmin, Stages and Rotor.

700 HQ (Windsor)
Thursday 10 March
18.00 – 20.00

It is FREE to attend, but spaces will be limited, please email us on to book your place!


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