Rides Sunday 24 January

In true Scraso fashion… A route for Sunday that features an undulating profile which he claims to be flat! Leaving 700HQ at 09.30 sharp. Pace will be brisk at an average of 17/18 mph, including the climbs.

We will ride as a group, waiting at the top of the climbs. Disciplined group riders welcome.

A note from our 700cc Ride Format:

“The Sunday ride is still a social event and not a full-on Chaingang – we would encourage Saturday club riders looking to ‘up their game’ and perhaps push themselves, to join in. 

It is worth knowing that you may get dropped on occasion, but it is far more important to realise : THERE’S NO SHAME IN THAT! We have all been the last man, we’ve all been dropped. It is part of your development as a cyclist to know how and when to push yourself, digging deep to hold the wheel is hugely satisfying and is ultimately how we all become better!”


enjoy the ride

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