Winter Alert!

Ladies and Gents.

Under our cold weather policy it is our duty to remind riders that – given the forecast conditions of -2c at 9am tomorrow – 700cc does not sanction a ride.

With that said, we understand that rides have been suggested (Jonathan Jarman / David Lilley) and if those organising them are happy to lead out then they can of course do so.

If you do ride – be sensible.
* check your machine before you leave the house.
* ensure you are PROPERLY dressed – better too warm than too cold
* ride with discipline and keep the pace even
* ride supplied – puncture kits with CO2 cartridges that actually have CO2 in them
* minimise stops – wait until the end to get your coffee/brandy reward!

Standing at the side of the road fixing punctures will get very cold very quick – if you get one, get the fastest hands on it!
Be safe. Rubber side down.

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