Rides: Saturday 28 November

Lots of choice this week!

A short route of 28 miles out to Crazies hill, ‘Sectioned’

Nick Herriot will be doing multiple reps of Tite Hill with a loop around Wentworth.

The long route suggestion of 70 miles is a beaut! ‘Odium or Bust’

A reminder that these rides are social, the pace should be comfortable for all those riding so we can chit chat, especially at this time of the year when we’re looking for base mileage, time in the saddle.

Smashing up hills and chasing Strava segments have no place here. If you want to ride hard, join us on a Sunday.

Please group yourselves with similarly paced riders and agree a pace before you set out. If you feel the pace picks up so that it’s no longer social, please speak up. Not everyone can manage their own pace and we know it’s easy to get carried away, especially if the legs are feeling good.

This is a group ride, no one person dictates the pace. If you do struggle to manage your own pace, we suggest you stay off the front, sit in the bunch until you master it.

Group riding is a skill that takes practice. Remember our club memo: “700cc is an inclusive cycling club for road cyclists at any level. We are here to encourage cycling for ALL. Please respect your fellow riders; their motivations for getting out on the bike might not mirror yours and that’s OK!”

Meet at 700HQ at 08.50

enjoy the ride


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