Rides: Saturday 12 September

We have had a member request from Ian Howe, who is keen to gain greater confidence in moving within the group; knowing when, where and how to reposition himself when taking a turn on the front and then peeling off.

So we will have a 25-30 mile, easy paced group on Saturday, introducing the principles of chaingang and practicing close quarter riding. When riding at pace, chaingang allows the group to move at a higher pace as a whole, by individuals taking short intervals on the front.  It is however, a skill, so we will practice the technique at moderate pace.  If you would like to be involved, but don’t want to take a turn on the front, that’s ok!

There is also a long route out to the Surrey Hills of 70 miles planned.

If you would like to ride something in between, please leave a comment!

Meet at 08.50 outside 700HQ as usual. Chapeau!

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