Rides: Sunday 23 August

The weather is looking decidedly sub-optimal (more so in the afternoon). Dale won’t be out, due other commitments, but has made a route suggestion. It takes in part of the Women’s Tour route (hence the name).

Usual Sunday rules apply – 18mph average, experienced group riders etc.

Anyone looking for a more relaxed pace group, leave a message here and let it be known to your club members.

2 thoughts on “Rides: Sunday 23 August

  1. I think this route takes in some unmade footpaths between Marlow and Lane End. We opted not to use them on the WT ride out due to having to fund our own tyres and wheels.

    I’ll have a look at the route and try and fix it using satellite view and maps.


  2. The rest of the route seems ok.

    Here’s a revised route that gets around the MTB part … https://connect.garmin.com/course/10569361. For non-Garmin users the GPX file can be downloaded here https://connect.garmin.com/proxy/course-service-1.0/gpx/course/10569361 (you may need to add ‘.gpx’ to the downloaded file’s name for your GPS device to recognise the file as a GPX).

    I haven’t got a view on our weekend diary yet, but if I do ride it’d be: no-one left behind (unless requested to be left), climb/descend at own pace, regroup at the top/bottom of hills, and any cafe only at the end of ride.


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