Sunday Rides: Catch the Women’s Tour?

The Women’s Tour looks to roll out at 10:45 in the centre of Marlow and should be passed Lane End by 11:20. So the questions are…

Sunday riders, would you be interested in catching the action, or riding the opposite direction to avoid it?

Would there be any interest in a more social Sunday ride out to Marlow to the start/ Lane End? Paul Nesfield has a route

The Veloregazze have a ride scheduled for this Sunday, they plan to head to Marlow and we can have two groups, 14/15 mph and 16/17mph. Vikki will be heading back to Windsor to work at 11.00, but those interested can stay for the Women’s Tour depart. Alternatively, join Nesfield’d ride?

What say you?!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Rides: Catch the Women’s Tour?

  1. As I can’t make Saturday I am up for my first Sunday ride, I am easy on where we go but it always good to admire the female form ;-)……..just sayin’

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  2. I was looking at the route earlier and the QoM at Cryers Hill might be a good place to have a squizz at the race. If anyone is up for it, let me know and I’ll cobble a route together.

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  3. Sounds like a good place (hadn’t seen the QOM was there). I have to be back at 700 by 13:00. So a nice loop that’s gentle on my old-man-legs would be perfect 😉 and if you can sort out the weather…

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  4. Planning my first 700cc ride tomorrow, so will see you in Windsor at 0850. I am easy on route/pace to Marlow and I know the area well if I get dropped! 😉

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  5. Looking at the race timings, that won’t work too well as they’re due through Cryer’s around 12-ish. I’ll be at the shop for 0900 and if anyone wants to join me on a hilly-ish 90k including the QoM, they’re more than welcome.


  6. Any idea on the routes yet? I may join but have a lunchtime/early afternoon curfew, so depending on where the rides will be and when will determine if I have to put up with my own company or not!!!!


  7. Thanks for the route Dale. Such a pity you couldn’t enjoy those climbs around Wooburn Green. I’m keen to show the definition of ‘gentle’ in the OED because I think it must be different from how it’s defined in your’s 😉


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