Veloregazze 700 – Women Only Ride THIS Sunday


In addition to our regular Sunday ride, the Veloregazze 700 girls are riding out and we always welcome new faces! The ride is typically 25-30 miles at 16/17 mph average, we meet at 700 HQ at 08.50 for a 09.00 roll out.

Please let us know if you’re intending to join us 🙂 #enjoytheride

5 thoughts on “Veloregazze 700 – Women Only Ride THIS Sunday

  1. Hi Girls. I went along to the ride for beginners to group riding today & really enjoyed it. I’ve only been road biking since 28 February, have done 19 rides (16 solo) & tend to average just under 14mph on my own. I found the pace quite leisurely today, but we averaged 14.3mph! I note your average is 16-17mph. I’d be keen to come on your ride tomorrow, but don’t want to hold you up. Please let me know if it will be ok for me to come along or whether I should work on improving my speed/performance first.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards, Louise


    • Hi Louise, the girls are riding at 18/19 mph on the flat quite comfortably with an average of 16/17mp; taking the hills into account. If you feel comfortable with the pace, please join us! #ridelikeagirl


      • Blimey, i’ve only just taken my stabilisers off & am no where near ready for a pace like that lol. I’ll give it a few months & when i’ve improved i’ll join you then. Hope the sun shines for you. Lx


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