Beginner’s Group Road Cycling Ride THIS Saturday

IMG_5081  club ride

In addition to our usual rides this Saturday, we are leading a ride for club members and potential new members who are NEW to group riding.

If you are a capable road cyclist but new to riding in a group, this group ride will give you the perfect opportunity to learn group riding etiquette; enabling you to enjoy the road with others.

We ride for 20-25 miles, keeping the pace nice and social; 14/15 mph average to allow the riders the opportunity to build confidence riding in the bunch and develop skills in group riding.

We will be on the road at all times, keeping to quiet roads where possible, so this ride is best suited to road bikes and hybrids with road tyres.

We meet at 700 HQ, the ride brief is at 08.50. Please be on time and let us know here if you would like to join us, so we can make provision for group sizes.

enjoy the ride

4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Group Road Cycling Ride THIS Saturday

  1. I would really like to join this ride if possible. I’ve been road biking since 28 February, have done about 18 solo rides, did 35 miles on my last ride last Sunday & average just under 14mph. I’ve signed up to cycle 100 miles from Tidworth to Windsor 20-21 June for Help for Heroes, so some group riding experience would be really beneficial. I’ve been thinking about joining the club, but wanted to improve my performance first, so I don’t embarass myself.
    Please let me know if it would be ok for me to come along on Saturday.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards, Louise


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