Would you like greater confidence in group riding? Why not join our coached sessions?

Group Riding#1                     Group Riding #2

We will be running two skills sessions dedicated to mastering the art of close quarters group riding. Unlike riding with two or three other friends, or in disorganised bunches in Sportives; group riding requires etiquette, awareness and a level of skill and confidence to be safe in the bunch.

Across the two sessions, in a safe and traffic free environment, riders will develop the basics of leading and following other riders, riding in close proximity to other riders (bar-to-bar and wheel-to-wheel) and increasing awareness and communication when overtaking riders and moving within the group.

With the opportunity to practice techniques away from the road and traffic, you will confidently be able join a group of riders and manouveur safely within the bunch helping you to become a more complete rider and enabling you to enjoy the road with others!

Session dates are 3 & 10 June 18.30-19.30, in Windsor. The second session progresses from the first: £30 for both sessions. Please contact Vikki, oracle@7hundred.co.uk to book your place.

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