Women’s 100k Ride

Posted by Holly Seear : British Cycling Level 3 Coach and owner of SpringCycleCoaching.co.uk

On Sunday 26th July 2015, you can join thousands of women around the world to ride the Rapha 100. Over 8,000 women took part in 2014!

Join us from 700 HQ for a social ride out at 9.30am (rider briefing 9.20am). We will provide a Garmin route nearer the time, but we recommend that you should be comfortable with the 100k distance, at a minimum average speed of 14mph / 22.5kph over the route, with the fastest pace group likely riding at 17mph / 27kph.

There will be no official coffee stop on the route, please bring adequate nutrition and hydration for the duration of the ride. We will have coffee back at 700 HQ on our return.

Interested? Sign up on the 700cc Women’s 100 Facebook event page!

Novice 12 Week 100km Training Plan

Why not set yourself a challenge and join us, sign up today and if you need some help with your training here is a basic 12 week training plan to ensure you are ready to cover 100km (You would need to start week commencing 4th May to allow 12 weeks before the Rapha 100). Based on just 3 rides per week most riders should be able to find the time to follow the schedule. If you have any medical concerns please visit a doctor before starting any new training or fitness activity.

Novice Training Plan

You can schedule the rides in to fit your lifestyle, work, family commitments, but please don’t ride more than 2 days in a row to allow your body to recover between sessions. If you can fit in an extra session per week consider a spin class or circuit training class. Ideally start and finish each ride at a slow pace, in an easy gear, allowing your body to warm up and cool down. Spend 5-10 minutes after a ride having a gentle stretch.

If you need a more specific bespoke individual plan, a training plan for performance, racing or other competitions or some help developing your cycling skills please get in touch.

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