Rides: Saturday 25 April

The Spring miles this Saturday will on the following routes:

The short course will pass Chris Tarrant’s house and will play Who wants to be a millionaire?!


Whilst we don’t have World Champion Cipollini in our midst, the long course will be chugging on Benson & Hedges

Let us know where you would like to ride?! Preferences in the comments please, we’ll get organised into desired pace groups. Please download the route wherever possible, if you have a Garmin and don’t know how to upload a route, please let us know; we’ll organise a little tech support!

See you at 08.50 in the morning outside 700 HQ for the ride brief!

20 thoughts on “Rides: Saturday 25 April

  1. 20% chance of rain during the ride. It’s just a bit of water!
    Rule #5 leads to Rule #9

    The ride is on : think of the additional justification for cake at the end (as if any were needed?!)


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