Saturday Ride Format

For clarity, the ride format for Saturday is as follows:

Each week, on a Thursday, we will post the route options for Saturday’s rides. Typically, there will be a short route of 25-32 miles, a long route of 45-60 miles and a training ride; currently focused to building strength, power and speed. Typically this will involve hill reps, interval sets.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with your choice of route, better still, download it to a GPS device.
We have an extremely diverse group of cycling motivations and abilities. Riders must therefore group with similar ability riders, before we ride out. 
The pace is not dictated by individuals, but to suit riders of that  group as a whole. The short and long course rides are social rides and should remain so. 
If pace is discussed before we set off, expectations are met and disappointment avoided. 
This might mean that three, four or more groups venture out and that’s ok! With the variety of ride options available, please don’t assume there will be a ride leader for every route at multiple paces. 

It’s time to take some ownership of your club; be present, contribute and support your fellow riders wherever you can. 

Lastly and most importantly, please familiarise yourself with the Rules and Etiquette of the club; this is a requirement. 

Ride safe!

The 700 Team 

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