Wednesday 8 April: Chaingang

See you at 700 HQ at 18.15 tomorrow evening for a spin over to the Drift Road course. If you are new to chaingang, you’re in good company, but if you miss the brief… No ride!

Confirmation of attendance greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 8 April: Chaingang

  1. I’ll join but will be working in Bracknell area until gone 18:00 so have to join at Drift/Fifield layby. [I did last week’s Chaingang.]


    • Hi Rob, we have a strict policy of ‘no brief – no ride’ purely for safety reasons and at the request of other riders. The brief will be at 18:20 at the shop and I will recap just before 18:45 when we set off on the Drift. If you can make either of them, then you can take part otherwise I would ask that you do not ‘tag-on’ later as it can disrupt the rhythm of the group.


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